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Silence [Jan. 19th, 2008|10:43 pm]
ljKlient — a KDE LiveJournal client



I bet the readers of this are wondering what’s going on.

I’m sorry about the total lack of updates and releases… I’ve been totally swamped with work and school, more than ever before, and I didn’t have any kind of free time and willpower to work on the client.  I might have time and energy now, but I’m not all that sure.  I do intend to continue and fix the things that annoy us all (please do report bugs and wishes here), but I just couldn’t get around to it yet.  There’s a few things in the latest 0.2 snapshot that I think are actually terrible (for example the sidebar friendlist, I thought it was a nice idea, now I see it’s just stupid).  And I should really focus on Qt4…

So yeah… sorry about this, I’ll try harder.


[User Picture]From: zvzz
2012-02-28 09:01 am (UTC)
Yes, a pity thing. Seem like yours would still be the best of them all if it worked in latest KDE/Qt4 :-)
Mine says "dependencies not satisfied" at Kubuntu 11.11
Best luck anyway - your efforts were worthy )
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